Advanced Tarot Online

The Home of Real Tarot Reading

Advanced Tarot Online (ATO) is an application written by a group of professional tarot readers, which allows you to do your own tarot readings and get answers to questions from every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. Tens of thousands of possibilities and descriptions, hundreds of thousands of users of the earlier, much poorer web version, years of work spent on the correct interpretations of cards in different spreads - all this proves how unique this tool is and how accurate the answers can be.

This application is under continuous development. Of course, we will introduce new spreads and decks as well as try to make existing interpretations even more explicit. But also we will be implementing some new awesome features such as:

  • spreads with cards having upright and reversed meanings
  • Tarot cards combinations, meaning interpretations depending on adjacent cards (yes, that's right!)
  • skins

and many more.

Think about the question, then choose the most appropriate spread. Formulate your question according to the examples provided in the spread's description, and then ... let Tarot tell a story, and get your answer.